4 Ways To Make Indoor Team Building Activities Successful

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Based on a study conducted by the University of Central Florida, organizations largely benefits from team building activities. This is the reason why most companies generally allocate budget for team building events, rest and recreation or company outings. Such activities are conducted as a way of incentivising services and also as a way to appreciate members of the organization. Corporate events are conducted with various purposes but for indoor team building activities they are usually conducted to strengthen internal relationships and also to boost the morale of employees. To have a productive team building event, keep the following things in mind during your preparation.

Pick the right venue

The venue is one of the important aspects of a team building activity. It can contribute to the success or failure of the activity. When choosing a venue for your indoor team building activities, make sure that it has ample space for everyone including activities that may involve mobility or running around during games and exercises.

Pick the right schedule

When choosing a date for your event, see to it that it will not eat up the personal time of your team members. To ensure that everyone will participate the activity, have the event during office hours and on a weekday. You can also have the event on a Friday because it is the last working day thereby, employees may already have less deliverables as they have already been accomplished earlier in the week.

Provide team expectations

Before the activity, make it a point for the team members to understand the goals and objectivesof the activity. The goals of the activity should be presentedbeforehand for better event appreciation of the participants.Gather the participants’ expectations from the activity and find out if these expectations were met after the event.

Gather feedback from the participants

After conducting your indoor team building activities, collect ideas from the participants and ask them to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the activity. Find out what their takeaways or the lessons they gathered from the event. This will help the organization to develop effective approaches to the team members.