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More recently, there has been a very big demand for web designers because almost all businesses today have realized the importance of web presence. Most web designers really excel in their chosen profession; however, they still need the feedback from their peers to help in making changes to the design. Our objective at Bee Beats is to provide a venue for web design critique to help web designers improve their work and become a better designer.

Bee Beats aims to help web designers improve the quality of their work through feedback from others. Some of the reviews may be extremely demanding but they are also meant to yield a best possible design work. Evaluations and criticisms are constructive and they usually focus on the errors of design although there are also reviews that praise the quality of the website. Remember though that no matter how tough the review, it is not personal; it is only meant as an evaluation so that changes can be made for further improvement.

When you are ready to launch your website, you expect your visitors to gain the best experience. The goal of every web design is to form a connection with the online user in an instant. The initial reaction of the critics will be very valuable because it is very important to the overall success of the web design. Will web design make the user smile or will the user be overwhelmed by the amount of disorganized content? Web critique can be used as usability tool which means asking others for their input particularly the relevant ones according to the demographics aimed at.

If you take criticism positively, we can help you work out your weakest points so that you become a more effective web designer. At Bee Beats, you can exchange feedbacks with our community of usability experts and web designers. We offer you a fair exchange; for every web page that you review, you get to have some experts review your work. The more you post at www.bee-beats.com the more feedback you receive that will help you improve your work. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at www.bee-beats.com.