Even Roof Repair Has Its Share Of Scams

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Roofs can be damaged by weather conditions and environmental issues. Signs of damage include moisture on the ceiling or water leaking from the roof. Once you notice these signs, the best step to undertake is to call Central Coast roof repairs to prevent the damages from worsening. Extensive damage on the homeresults from moulds and rotting.

However, it is important to be extra diligent when choosing roof repair providers. In the Netherlands, Dennis Harrington, a 41-year old man from Cork is on the wanted list for 10 alleged offenses of fraud and attempted fraud between 2014 and 2015. The roof repairscam was committed against several Dutch citizens, most of whom are seniors.

According to the Dutch authorities, the seniors were approached by a group of Irish travellers. They were caught off guard by the message that the roofs require repairs. Before any deals were concluded, ladders were already placed outside the walls and the Irish men were already working on the roofs. Roof tiles were removed and battens taken off even before the homeowners knew about damages. In some homes, the Irish workers intentionally created damages and leaks.

Dennis Harrington was arrested and brought before the High Court on the strength of a European Arrest Warrant that was issued by the Dutch authorities early this year. According to the court, Harrington is currently serving a prison sentence in Ireland. The warrant states that the Irish men used false names and fictitious company names.

In most of the cases, the agreements were not fulfilled because they left without a trace. In a number of cases, the Irish men were paid in cash but they also used bank account numbers for convenient transfer of funds. As soon as the money is transferred, the amount is immediately withdrawn.

Trees in the backyard can add value and beauty to a home; however, they can also cause damage if they are hanging over the roof. Tree branches will start to put weight on the roof causing broken tiles and roofing issues. If you notice that trees are hanging over the roof, call Central Coast roof repairs to inspect and repair the damages on the roof.