Tips On Handling A Stress-Free Home Renovation

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Renovations in the home can be pretty exciting but it can also be the source of stress. If you want to minimize the angst, make sure that you come prepared for all the necessary steps to make everything better. Usually, renovations will impact on your cooking space which requires planning for a temporary kitchen with an electric griddle, microwave, oven toaster, coffee pot, hot plate and medium sized sauce pan.

Setting up a temporary kitchen and dining room will allow the family to function on a normal basis. To set up the dining room, you can use a folding table and several storage bins to make mealtimes more convenient. Electric griddles are very important because it makes cooking a lot easier particularly with frozen foods. Keep foods simple and make sure to consider which sink to use during cleanup.

Make sure to set up the following items in a convenient space so that you will not be wasting time looking them. Place the can/bottle, vegetable peeler, kitchen knife, spatula, slotted spoon, ladle, cutting board and pot holders in a plastic utility box. Set aside one set of dishes, glasses and flatware for each family member with serving bowls, serving spoons and forks, cups and small cereal bowls.

For cleaning, ensure that there is a trash bin, trash bag, soap dish, sponge, dishtowels paper towels, broom and a dustpan. Place them near the sink that you have decided to use for the time being. The goal here is to keep clutter to a minimum.

Choose the doors that the family can access and make sure there is a different door for the entry of the workers to limit the dust that will be tracked from the workspace to the living space. Dust easily travels and it is best to contain them in only one area.

If you do not have an electric griddle, it is suggested to read Best Electric Griddles 2017 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the best for your temporary kitchen. When you have an electric griddle, you can easily make several flapjacks all at once and still have space for a package of bacon.