Visible Signs Of A Termite Infestation

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Termite infestation is a dreaded nightmare of every homeowner. They seriously damage the property and furniture inside the house causing a huge financial loss to the homeowners. Termites are attracted to damp and humid conditions inside the home. Early detection and treatment is very essential in order to keep termites at bay and safeguard your home.

There are many reputed companies that offer pest control in Parramatta to keep your home safe from various pests and termites. It is always better to have a careful inspection of your home by specialist pest control staff to identify potential threats and plan treatment options.

Here are the five signs you should carefully look out for, to detect termite infestation in your property

  • Termites create Mud tubes from soil and dirt. These tubes help the termites to move towards the food source and maintain warm and humid condition inside. Check the Foundation slab and attic. These are the most frequented places by termites. They create mud tubes to travel inside your home from the foundation. As soon as you notice any mud tubes, call a specialist pest control in Parramatta, for a detailed inspection and treatment.
  • If you hear an audible tapping, it signals a heavy termite infestation under your home. These tapping sounds are made the termite soldiers to signal an occupied colony. Keep a close watch for any unfamiliar tapping noises from under the ground or from the attic.
  • Inspect your wooden furniture and wooden beams on the roof carefully. If you find small tiny pores on the surface. Call a specialist pest control in Parramatta immediately, if you notice any holes.
  • Hollow wood is another major indication of termite infestation. Termites attack from inside out, so if you hear a hollow noise when you tap your wooden furniture, it is time to call a pest control.
  • Inspect for termite droppings which resemble tiny pellets. You can also spot fine wooden shavings on the floor, if there is termite infestation. Call a pest control in Parramatta, immediately if you see any of this signs on your floor.