Web Design Critique: Alpha Motorcycles

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Alpha Motorcycles’ “About Us” page boasts itself as the number one motorcycle dealership in the UK, among other things. They also boast about being the leading Yamaha and Suzuki dealership in Essex beating out all other Suzuki motorbike dealers in the area, another bold claim. The dealer’s site, fittingly enough, is quite bold about how it operates, though one might notice an odd trend or two.

The site’s black header has the company logo, followed by the logos of Suzuki, Yamaha and Kymco. This makes it glaringly clear that this is the site of one of the Suzuki motorbike dealers in the country. If you’re looking for motorcycles, the header will tell you you’re in the right place. Further to the right is the search bar, accompanied by the cart, profile options, telephone number, coloured bright white to contrast the header.

Immediately below that are the tabs, which direct visitors to the home page, new offers from respective manufacturers, use bikes, the dealership’s online shop, promos, servicing, and so on. It’s worth noting that the logos on the header also work as links to the respective new release pages for each manufacturer.

Below this are images of the dealership’s latest special offers; new releases, promos, that sort of thing. Scrolling further down are listing for services, offers, and a wide catalogue of all the product brands the dealership has on offer. The site requires a fair amount of scrolling down, as a result of its heavy use of large visual aids. Naturally, expect quite a bit of loading for slower networks, which might be problematic for someone using mobile data

Overall, the site’s bold design makes great use of visual aids, but if one pays enough attention, there’s a clear sign as to why it’s so dependent on them. If you look at the text in the “About Us” page, which is also located near the bottom of the home page, you’ll notice grammatical errors dotting the text. This wouldn’t be so bad if there were one or two, but here’s far more than that. Moreover, this is not an isolate incident, as the other text heavy page, Finance, also has grammatical errors dotting the text.

This shouldn’t be a problem at all, as these errors are simple ones, easily fixable. The images are, indeed, very helpful when navigating the page, but their large size makes for lots of scrolling and loading times, which may be worth looking into. The former might not be a problem, as it lets visitors look at products longer, but the latter could definitely be worked on.