Web Design Critique: Garrison Hullinger

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Garrison Hullinger is a company specializing in interior design. The website is located at http://www.garrisonhullinger.com/. Upon clicking the link, the landing page is a welcome page with one of the company’s designed spaces as the background. The font used is simple showcasing the company’s forte which are designs with purpose. Users have to click the welcome button in order to be transported to the company’s proper homepage.

Design. The website focuses on modern and minimalist design which is evident in their website. There are designated links for their works – residential design, homes with purpose and commercial design. The white background made the pages look uncluttered.

Navigation. The pages are easy to navigate with a menu at the top left of the page. Home designs are categorized properly for easy browsing. Each home comes with a brief and concise definition for curious homeowners who are looking for their next property.

Loading. Loading time is quite fast despite the images in each home design categories. Users don’t have to wait long for the images to appear because they all optimized for the website.

Social media links. There are social media buttons all over the website that users will surely not miss because they are strategically located either on top or bottom. There is a button icon for facebook, twitter, instagram and email.

Logo. The company’s logo is located at the center top of the page. It does not occupy too much space and is quite simple on its own because of it only has one color on it. The company’s logo is a representation that it follows a minimalist outlook.

Overall, the website is well thought of and user friendly. It does not contain too much information that might prompt the visitor to leave the page nor does it load slowly which is another reason why visitors are eager to close the website. The font used is simple and easy on the eyes even for older visitors who do have trouble reading small texts. It also contains all the information that one might ask regarding the house design of their choice.

When in Thailand, simply look for a Thailand interior design website that carries a professional look because it reflects the work of the company.




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