Web Design Critique: Greenfields Funerals

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In this website critique, we will discuss the website structure for the Greenfields Funerals website and explore how certain parts of the webpages tie up into the overall structure. This review will stick to the navigation within the website. First, we will begin with the home page and move onto the other pages appropriately.

  • Home page: on the home page there are quite a few links to talk about. However, before discussing these links we shall first talk about some of the links that are common to all the pages in this website for funeral directors in Perth who provide funeral services. There are two sets of links that are common to all the pages. One set is the one that enables intra-website navigation, and the second set enable navigation to social media websites for Greenfields Funerals. In the set of intra-website navigation links, there are links to the “About Us” page, “Caskets &Coffins” page, “Urns & Jewellery” page, “PrePaid Funerals” page, “Contact Us” page and “Store” page. The second set of links contains a link to Facebook, a link to their email ID which help support clients who may be in trouble, and a link to their Google+ page. These links can also be used to determine the veracity of the company, and also to view customer reviews that may be found on Facebook or Google+. The homepage itself consists of 4 image-based links. Of these 4 links, three of them lead to different types of caskets and coffins. Clients who enter the page will thus be able to choose how to bury their loved ones appropriately. The fourth link is a link to urns and jewellery made from the ashes of cremated individuals.
  • About Us: The about us page doesn’t contain any further links apart from the ones common to all the pages.
  • Casket & Coffins: This page contains links to view a wide range of caskets and coffins that clients may buy to bury their loved ones in.
  • Urns & Jewellery: On this webpage, clients will be able to choose what type of urns or jewellery items to safeguard the ashes of their ancestors in.
  • Prepaid funerals: Apart from information regarding prepaid funerals there are no new links on this webpage.
  • Contact Us: This webpage details the location details and so appropriately has a Google maps sub-window. This sub-window acts as a link to google maps itself.
  • Store: Currently the store webpage is closed for maintenance and so there are no new links here. There are, however expected to be many new links appearing on this section of the website.