Web Design Critique: https://www.latinlove.org/en/

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The website that will be critiqued is dating site for single latin women and men who wish to find the best partner they can have a long term relationship with. With a few clicks on the mouse, the user finds the right partner he/she is looking for.

First impression

You will never miss the strategic call to action on the landing page. Visitors can immediately understand that they need to sign up and accept the terms of services in order to enjoy the benefits offered by the site. Call to action stands out over everything that the landing page contains because of its prominent position. Although the strategy is normally used by many dating sites, there are also visitors who are quite wary over signing up for something. However, aside from the call to action button, the visitor can easily determine what to expect from the site even he does not decide to sign up.


Navigation is pretty simple and concise because there is only a single service that the site provides. There are no other options that can be placed on the navigation menu because the site design implicitly states that the purpose is connect Latin women and men to potential partners all over the world. Instead of a prominent navigation menu on top of the page, the visitor is given several options that can be clicked on like Latin chat, Latin dating, Latina, Latina love, Latina girls and members in chat. Navigation at the bottom of the page is a new trick for mobile optimized websites because they are easily reached with a one-thumb interaction.


Content is simple and straighforward and does not overwhelm the visitor. Content provides just the right information to visitors whose goal is to find a potential life partner. The color and fonts used in design are appealing and the site provides a satisfying visual experience. The content is suitable to the audience that the dating site wants to target. Text is easy to read and understand without straining the eyes. Information is effortlessly gained because the landing page has been designed to be as simple and effective as possible.