Web Design Critique: https://slimlifehcgdrops.com/hcg-supplement-available-from-slimlife/

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People who are looking for ways to lose weight usually search for relevant information online. SlimLife encourages consumers to buy HCG drops by providing them with the latest, up-to-date content about an effective diet product. When online users gain the right information, they return for more and it makes the website very popular. Web design has made content easily accessible to consumers so that they will be sufficiently informed without information overload. All the questions that the reader has in mind are effectively answered so that making an informed decision to try to product is relatively easier.


Website design is very simple, effective and quite easy on the eyes. There is consistent color theme in white background which makes the website look highly professional. There is no clutter that will distract the reader from content. The logo is consistent at the top left of the page when navigating through the site. Content is effectively separated to make it easy for a reader to scan text and look for information according to their interest. Headings break up the information to avoid confusing the reader. However, if some videos were used to break the tedious amount of text, it will make the website more interesting to the target audience.


There is a main horizontal navigation bar at the top of the landing page and remains consistent through all the pages. Navigation is user friendly and easy to follow. The hyperlinks are very clear making it simple and efficient for a user to navigate around the website and checkout information on other pages. It is also easy for the user to backtrack and not get lost among the pages. The process of ordering is also very simple and easy to understand even for those who are not every competent with shopping carts.


Taking into consideration all the elements of the website, it is generally easy and effective to use. The hyperlinks work and the pages are rather quick to load. Users are very likely to return to the website not only because of the relevant content that it contains but the ease of gaining information. All in all, the website is very impressive for a first time visitor.