Web Design Critique: Illustrated Maps By Rabinky Art

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Illustrated Maps by Rabinky Art offers a unique service that we can hardly find anywhere today.

What They Do

They offer a unique rendering of a map in a bird’s eye view. They make the map illustrations fun and attractive. The map illustration is created almost completely by hand and paired with new state-of-the-art digital techniques to make the map rich and colorful. The finished map or product is a layer-rich Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator file.

The maps are tailored to the preferences of each client they offer their services to. In addition, if there are any modifications, alterations, updates or if a part of the map needs to be segmented, this can be done by them with ease.

They offer services for 3-Dimensional Perspective Maps, 2-Dimensional Perspective Maps and Interactive WebMaps.

The Website Design and Content

The best thing about the site is the many examples of illustrations for clients to visualize what their finished maps would look like. For a client who is undecided, the examples shown on their site can give ideas for the map that they are aiming for. The examples they showcase on their site are visual treat for anyone visiting the site.

There are also many examples found on their portfolio. Anywhere we go on the site, we can always find a map illustration integrated to the design of the page which is very nice.

The site navigation is also very concise. We don’t have to go and click on countless links just so we can find the information that we are looking for.

It is extremely helpful that their services are explained thoroughly especially for clients. I wanted to highlight the fact that information about the services they offer are very thorough. There are also frequently asked questions and answers. For a website that offers services, this is very important.

There is also a contact information in the home page which I like. Adding one at the bottom of the home page makes it easier and convenient for future clients to contact them right away.

The site is truly a haven for map collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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