Web Design Critique: Orisoft

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The leading company when it comes to payroll outsourcing service in Thailand is Orisoft. It also services companies in Malaysia through its branch. The company recognizes the important role played by the human resource management therefore they are dedicated in providing software solutions that will help improve everyday operations and boost the efficiency of their clients. It is time to critique its company website at www.orisoft.co.th.

  • Loading time. This is a very important aspect of a website design because it does not matter if the website is aesthetically perfect if the loading time is very slow. Remember that your clients are also businesses and every minute lost is equal to a certain monetary value. Therefore, they are not willing to wait for a website to load completely in order to access all the information. They would rather find another website that loads faster. When this happens, you lost a potential customer. With Orisoft, loading time is very fast and all images and text are viewable right away.
  • The content flows perfectly without giving the wrong impression to the user. The homepage contains all the links to respective pages and services that the visitor might be interested in. These are important as these are considered to be call-to-actions to lead the users on what they should do next. Though the background was a solid white, the texts are easy to read while the titles are in black and bold fonts.
  • Upon checking all the links found on the homepage including the social media icons located at the topmost part, these are working properly. This is one aspect that is often neglected because the designer thinks that the link will always work all the time. This is why it is important to check the links every once and a while. Broken links could lose the company a potential client.
  • Through all the website design planning and consideration, the company which provides payroll outsourcing service should not forget its main purpose first and foremost. This should be clear to the user as soon as they land on the page without having to read everything.