Web Design Critique: Perth Web Design

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Let us review Perth Web Design’s site.

The site has a great theme to it. The logo is simple but striking. I love the color combination and the fonts used. The texts are large enough to read, and they are pleasing to the eyes.

I love how the sections in the home page are separated properly. There is a great transition we can see when scrolling down the page. The top navigation bar also stays in place which is very convenient.

Design-wise, it looks good.

There is one point I want to emphasize here about an effective web site.

Have you ever experienced going to a web site only to find yourself getting frustrated because the information you need is not anywhere in the site? I sure have.

Well technically, it is very important for a web site to work. By this, I mean, the site has to load, the images should display. The response time in opening the pages should also be quick. The performance of a web site is a make or break. However, content is also of utmost importance. You can have a web site designed to perfection but when the content is lacking, it falls short to its purpose. This is one of the reasons I find Perth Web Design’s site great. Aside from the well-put together modern design which doesn’t look too cramped like others, there is a lot of information about the services they offer on site design, SEO optimization and marketing. We can easily navigate to these pages in the top navigation bar.

Another important thing I’d like to note is the Pricing page. As a consumer myself, I appreciate when I see the prices I have to pay for services or products right away. Not every site includes pricing information in their web sites. A company’s portfolio is also something that needs to be showcased in a web site. This is a testament to the delivery of their services or products.

When content and design are well-thought of and put together exquisitely like in Perth Web Design’s site, this is what makes for a great web site.

Perth Web Design can be accessed through www.webdesignperth.com.au.