Web Design Critique: ProTEFL

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Today, we are going to look into the website design of ProTEFL and what they are about.

Brief background about the company

ProTEFL was established in 2002 under the United States Thailand Amity Treaty. The company started as a recruitment agency specializing in placing TEFL students. The company later upgraded their TEFL student training program into a more robust program. They eventually created a teacher training division to incorporate the requirements of all the schools where their students are placed.

Website Content

Upon arriving at the home page of the website, one is greeted by a few hero images that give a glimpse into what can be experienced when partnering with them. The images are very enticing for anyone dreaming of doing teaching work on Thailand.

Scrolling down past the very enticing images, the content of the site then adds further motivation for anyone to go and follow a dream to teach english in Thailand.

There are various sections on the home page that show a little bit of everything that the site has to offer. When looking at those sections is not enough, navigating the site and viewing the more detailed information about what they offer is helpful.

What I like about the whole website is the vast amount of information they have provided on the pages such as their training locations, teaching courses and jobs & salaries. This goes to show that they are dedicated in making a teacher’s experience as convenient as possible especially since pursuing a teaching career in Thailand is a huge decision. It also shows that they have been in this type of business for a long time and has produced a lot of graduates coming from all over the world.

Website Design

The website’s design is made of bootstrap which is how most sites nowadays are made. The website is also responsive which is a plus. The web pages adjust to the size of the screen, so when viewing in small screened devices, the web content is still readable and navigating is still easy.


The website offers anyone a chance to fulfill a dream of teaching in a foreign country
. The various pages in the site offer plenty of well-organized information on how to go about this very exciting journey of chasing one’s dreams.

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