Web Design Critique: StudioBKK

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We will check the StudioBKK Bangkok website design and content today.


Brief background about the company

They have more than a decade’s worth of experience in the hotel website development. Although it might seem that they specialize in website creation, they also offer services in search engine optimization among other digital services. They have a dedicated page for explaining how SEO can help a website and drive traffic to any site.


Website content

My favorite parts of their site in terms of content are their Portfolio and Blog pages.

Their portfolio is very helpful for anyone looking to make use of their services. In their Portfolio page, we can see how they take pride and showcase their previous works. This is also extremely beneficial especially for clients that are still undecided on how they want their websites to look. The examples can guide them through. I also would like to note that they included an option to pick a Project Budget in their “Start Project” form which is a crucial step for them to understand a potential client’s needs.

Not every website is helpful for any user. Most websites out there only provide information about what products and services they offer. And, it ends there. You check the website, what they offer and leave. But for StudioBKK, they included a Blog page. Here, we can see news and their thoughts on the digital industry. Their website works two ways: a service and a content provider.


Website design

I love their sleek black, gray and white template. This minimalistic look allows their site to focus on their content and what they do rather than the aesthetics.

The navigation is very smooth. They are no images and galleries not loading. With a few core pages included, we will not also get lost in too many inner pages unlike other websites.

The website is also responsive. All the web pages load and the content is highly readable in small devices like tablets or mobile phones.

Overall, the style complements every aspect of the content in the website. In short, their website works well altogether.

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