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The Canvas Print is a UK photography and canvas printing company, a name like that tells you exactly what the company is and what it does; they print small canvas print, they print large canvas print. The company aims to provide its customers with high-quality canvas prints for good prices. It is headquartered in Union Mill, on Vernon Street, Bolton BL1 2PT, in the Greater Manchester area.

As mentioned before the company’s name is quite straightforward. No muss, no fuss, straight to the point. A quality that is represented quite well in their blog’s website. The first impression is always important, and the website gives a fairly decent one. It loads quite quickly, with a small window of time wherein it appears in the barebones html format, but that mostly depends on bandwidth. It’s a minor issue, but the company should work on it, if they get the chance.

The homepage is as straightforward as the company’s name would suggest, with a minimalist aesthetic. The blog site shows the company logo at the upper-left corner of the header, with links to the canvas shop, company info and contact details on the upper right corner.

The blog’s background is a wall with a series of canvas prints, painted white, which, when combined with the color scheme of the header, the actual article links, and the rest of the background give the impression of looking at a wall with a canvas. Unfortunately, the actual article pages don’t have the background image, and the homepage, the one page with the background, isn’t really filled by it. The background covers around 2/3rds of a screen, but doesn’t go further than that, which is problematic because the site is quite vertical in its design.

The canvas shop page and the contact page are both very well done. Minimal, yes, but also practical in their design, befitting the minimalist form the site is going for. The canvas shop displays samples, options and choices, first thing. The additional stuff, the testimonials, security, additional offers for small canvas print and the like are all a short scroll down in the page, which is a refreshing change from the rest of the site. The contact page is, likewise straightforward, and does its job well enough.

The minimalist aspect, however, comes across as somewhat ill-fit for the aim of the website. It offers the services and gives you a good idea of what you’re getting when you choose The Canvas Prints, but, beyond that, little else.

Overall, the site design is very visual and minimalistic. A few touch-ups here and there are all it needs.

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