Web Design Critique: www.beyondaword.com.au

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When it comes to personalized wall art in Australia, Beyond a Word is the go-to company for those who wanted handmade products. All wall arts created by the company is made in Noosa, Queensland using only the finest materials such as 100 per cent cotton canvas, ink used is UV resistant and kiln dried timber for the frames.

First impression. This is very important if you want the visitor to remain on the page and explore other pages aside from the homepage. For e-commerce site, their goal is to encourage customers to stay long enough to view the products and services they have to offer. Beyond a Word’s homepage relays right away the purpose of the page, the products they are offering and so much more.

Navigation. It is easy to navigate around the website because of the page tabs located at the top and a site navigation list at the bottom so visitors don’t have to go back up to visit a specific page. At the same time, the bottom part of the homepage contains two more lists – primary products and page navigation. This is done to make it easier for visitors as well as to avoid confusion for first time visitors of the page.

Design. The homepage shows right away what the website’s purpose is, the texts are easy to read and solid design principle is followed all throughout. The background is a plain cream color in order for the category thumbnails to be highlighted. The colors of the texts complements well with the background color. As a personalized art seller, the website is suited for the brand.

Functional logic. The necessary pages are listed and available on the site. There are no subpages except for the “Special Occasion” and “Recipient” which is necessary categorization to help customer in browsing and choosing products based on their needs.

Content. Beyond a Word has a four-paragraph texts located at the bottom half of the homepage. The content is all about the business and how they do their work. It lets customers know more about them. The descriptions are brief and concise and there is not beating around the bush just to make the content longer.