Web Design Critique:  www.corepointconstructions.com.au

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First impression

Upon reaching the homepage of corepointconstructions.com.au, the first thing that will greet you is the image slider that highlights 4 aspects of the business. The image slider is a great feature for the website because it immediately informs the user what the website has to offer. Many websites use white background with black text for increased visibility and readability. However, it is the other way around with this website because the designer chose a black background with white text. While it can be stressing to the eyes, there is an advantage when there is no light present. White will make text distinct and bright. It is also an effective way to grab the attention of the target audience.


Navigation is straightforward making visitors happy while searching for information. Visitors can easily locate the information they require because it only needs a click to reach the desired destination. Users can go from one page to another without the need to return to the homepage. Tabs like About us and Contact us are very effective. Navigation is pretty consistent throughout the pages which mean that visitor will not get lost and will exactly know where they are. There is always a link to the homepage which is generally the central station that connects the user to other pages. Since the navigation bar is clear and simple, it speeds up the user’s search.


Web design has been generous with content. Aside from the image slider that gives the user an overview on what to expect from the site, information on the services provided is clear and simple enough to understand. The pages are aesthetically designed for best interaction at the same time that it offers quality content. Users who want more information can dig deeper into the pages.