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The goal of every real estate website is to gain an impression among visitors so that they will stay longer in the site to look at the properties that are listed. East Coast Real Estate is one of more established sites with the huge choice for condos and houses that are either for sale or for rent. The site can attract online users who are searching for properties in Thailand because it includes all the information that a potential buyer is looking for. The site contains some of the more important elements of a real estate page listing from property price, professional photos of the interior and exterior and property details. The generous use of white space makes it easy for a potential buyer to select a property for the listing.


Having a user-friendly navigation makes a difference between a successful conversion and a frustrated visitor who leaves the page to look for a better site. Ease of navigation is one of the most important components of a real estate website which must not be overlooked in design process. The web designer has made sure that only the most important items that would be interesting to visitors are placed on the navigation menu. The designer used a common trick of simple search box to ensure that the visitor will understand its function in looking for specific information. Because a real estate website is often heavy with content, it makes sense to use a search box for convenience and usability. The search box gives the visitor control of the information he wants to access immediately. Since the search box stands out, users will be grateful for the tool that will make search more efficient.


While professional photographs are very crucial in real estate websites, it is also important to include informative text to provide the visitor with the necessary property details. Information is organized properly so that the user will not be frustrated during the search. When content is not organized, the page will look cluttered and the visitor will be undecided whether to proceed browsing the other sections of the site or discontinue with the task.

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