Web Design Critique: www.thedawin.com

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The http://www.thedawin.com/ is one of the hotels in Sukhumvit that focuses on Thai graciousness and hospitality. The contemporary boutique hotel is located in the heart of Bangkok near businesses, shopping centres and embassies. It is conveniently accessible to public transport.

First impression

The web designer has satisfactorily used a content slider to communicate information in the simplest way possible. Multiple pieces of content are consolidated into the slider to encourage visitors to stay on the site longer. The content slider is the perfect option for people who do not want to browse through content and collect a lot of information. The web designer has used content slider to convey to the audience the purpose of the site and the important elements that he wants to highlight. A good trick is the call to action “Book now” to encourage more direct bookings among visitors.


Navigation is simple and user friendly. Web design made use of the most common top horizontal navigation menu in an organized and easy to understand manner. It makes it easier for people to find information as there are plenty of options that are readily available. The words used are popular among visitors who are looking for accommodations. It saves the time and effort of visitors because at one glance the frequently searched items are easily accessible. The horizontal navigation is consistent on all the pages and could easily turn a visitor into a customer. Nobody likes disorganized navigation menus because it very easy to get lost in the clutter.


When a user arrives at the landing page, they immediately gain an overview on what the site is all about. All the elements are organized in an attractive and cohesive manner making it easy to gain the attention of a user. Since content is broken into big blocks of text, it becomes easier to understand. There are no animated graphics because the content slider is good enough to create an appealing and functional website. Even if web design made use of a generous amount of black background, text is still easy to read because of the way the page has been laid out.