Web Design Critique: Zkin Organics

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Zkin Organics an Australian-based company manufacturing organic and natural skin care products such as organic skin moisturisers. The company’s products have undergone clinical testing and testimonies on the site will prove its claim. Aside from delivering quality products, a reliable and good quality website is important in an online business such as this.

There is call to action button on the homepage but is located at the bottom part. This is an option for visitors and buyers to subscribe to the company’s newsletter. This is important because it helps in lead generation which eventually increases the site’s conversion rate.

The contact information can is easy to find because it is one of the menu options located at the top of the homepage. Contact us is a drop down menu with options – Contact Us, FAQs and Wholesale Enquiries. The only issue is that there is no direct information regarding the company found on the Contact Us page but only a contact form. Contact forms are good but direct information such as an email or phone number will be most appreciated by customers.

The website has a professional look with a clean white background to highlight the images on the homepage as well as the items they have for sale. The images have uniform size and consistent color scheme that makes the entire page come together. The logo of the company is located at the upper left side of the page and the color complements with the rest of the page.

Every image is set in a black and white background which conveys the message that the company is dedicated in providing only natural and organic products. Customers who have purchased before and know what they are looking for will be able to use the search bar at the top of the page to avoid browsing through categories.

First time customers, on the other hand, will be able to choose products depending on the category, their skin type or current skin problem they want to solve. The company has a wide range of products including organic skin moisturizers. Lastly, there is a dedicated page wherein all the ingredients used in their products are listed for the perusal of the customers.