Web Design Critique

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Art.com is a website that offers different styles and ideas of canvas prints. If you will type Star Wars Art on the search bar located near the top of the landing page, you will be provided with more than 300 samples of canvas art prints influenced by the Stars Wars series.

First impression

Upon reaching the landing page, you will immediately be greeted by a call to action which is very effective because it challenges the user to provide the email address to enjoy 40% discount. For online shoppers, discounts are the first thing that will grab their attention. The promise of a discount will spread easily to increase organic traffic to the site particularly the 50% off on framed art if you order today. While design is not actually very impressive, it looks trustworthy enough and worth a try. However, the critique is only based on my preference for colors. Other may be attracted by the more subdued colors used on the design.


Web design successfully provides users with informative content that they can browse through before making a purchasing decision. If you will click on “rooms” at the navigation menu, you will have a very good idea on what types of canvas prints customers chose for various parts of a room. This technique is very effective particularly for visitors who have no definite idea on the art work that can enhance the ambiance of their home. It is very easy for a potential customer to relate to the tips that have been provided. The website is an ideal source of informative content for those who are not very well informed on canvas art prints.


The lack of a home button on the navigation menu is more than made up for the various buttons that can be clicked on to browse other pages. Navigation is user friendly as long as you are patient enough to keep on clicking the different links provided. Most of the links are self explanatory if you are seeking for more information regarding the company, the process of ordering, shipping and delivery and returns. Click on help for live chat is a strategy that can effectively increase customers.