Web Design Critique: http://www.illustratedmaps.com/IllustratedMaps/Z-London-Map-Illustration.html

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First impression

If you are searching for a London City Illustrated Map, you have arrived at the right page. The illustrated map shows the major landmarks of London through the creative art of Maria Rabin sky. The landing page is simple but creative and focuses on the illustrated map of London City which is only one of the examples featured in the website that focuses of the beauty of map illustrations. If you will click on the homepage, you will be astounded with the deluge of information provided through text and images. However, as you continue on browsing, you will find that it is easy enough to read and understand.There is nothing wrong with putting a lot of content on the homepage as long as it is carefully divided into bite-size chunks that are easy to assimilate. There are many instances when the user’s attention is captured by information particularly those who prefer to read instead of skimming through the homepage.


Navigation is certainly not a problem with this site because you only need to click for more information provided in the succeeding pages. However, if the sole purpose if to view and gain information on a London City Illustrated Map, you only need to click on the image of London l and marks to discover the history incorporated in the image. You also get to know more details about the artist.

However, you might be interested to peruse other city maps besides that of London. There are also campus maps and resort maps in case you are interested.


It is very apparent that the web designer has invested a lot of time and efforts in putting together content. He has used several tricks that make browsing somewhat exciting. For example, by hovering on an image, you are able to view a larger one where you can enjoy the artistic details. The web designer also made a good choice with the map illustrations that were featured on the homepage. The images emphasize the creative talent of the artist. The generous use of white space allows the images and text to standout.