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Content is legible, clear and easy to read. Content is easy to digest because of the presence of appropriate headings and sub-headings. The message of the website is effectively conveyed through the use of text and images. The different South America tour packages are perfectly described including the opportunities available for every traveller to enjoy a perfect holiday. The website address all the most relevant questions that a traveller wishes to ask most particularly the cost of each tour package. The website is impressive and interesting because of the amount of content that a traveller a can browse through before making an informed decision.


Navigation is very simple, efficient and easy. Everything is well organized to make the search fast and convenient. The website’s navigation is intuitive without the need to use pop-ups that can be distracting to the user. Users can quickly discover what they need as they go through the key parts of homepage. It is common for the average user to simply skim through content instead of reading everything. The user friendly navigation designed for the site allows a user to easily find what he wants without undertaking complicated steps.


Content is easy to read and understand because of the generous use of white background. The colour scheme used makes text and image easily visible because the use of white space is able to highlight elements and make them more prominent. White space also allows the user to be more focused on the essentials. Using easy-to-read fonts is one of the best decisions of the web designer because it enhances readability. The same fonts are used throughout the website but highlighted to make headings and sub-headings standout. Relevant and up-to-date information have been appropriately provided to make the research easier for a traveller who wants to experience Latin America and the Antarctica.

South America tour packages will assign a travel specialist to customize your tour. Different options will be recommended based on your dreams, expectations and budget. If the available tour packages do not satisfy your requirements, feel free to request for a personalized tour package that will ensure a unique travel experience.

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